Oakville Retirement Homes


Leisure and Recreation

The caring and friendly staff at Oakville Retirement Homes knows that for years you have visualized and looked forward to a retirement lifestyle. We understand that you wish to make the most of your freedom and time. This is why we provide you with a complete activities schedule that is packed with recreational, cultural and social activities in order to make leading an active retirement lifestyle a fun and easy reality.

While you are getting to know your fellow residents, entertain yourself and join in our weekly activities including happy hours, knitting club, bridge group, Wii bowling tournaments, movie nights and the walking group among others.

If you are looking for even more social activities, you will enjoy partaking in our special monthly events that include: theme nights, visits from local musicians, seasonal holiday parties and other visitors from the community such as the Oakville Museum. We have guests stopping in regularly in order to spice up the schedule and provide extra entertainment.

Where your physical health is concerned, free weights, exercise classes 3 times a week, twice monthly Zumba Fitness classes and exercise bike and treadmill availability will enable you to find an enjoyable way to help you improve your balance, build your strength and increase your energy no matter what your current fitness level is.

Our sense of community is created through participation in these events and this makes up the heart of Oakville Retirement Homes. As well, our Activities Coordinator works hard to create bonds with the greater Oakville community. The benefits of our community spirit can be easily extended to others.

Dining Experience

Here at Oakville Retirement Homes, we are devoted to offering balance in the lives of our seniors. We feel that there is no better place to apply the concept of balance than within the kitchen.

Our kitchen team is a passionate group of individuals who focus clearly on striving to provide you with a delicious menu of exceptional quality dishes that are well suited to your preferences, nutritionally balanced and consistently surpass your expectations of taste.

In order to help us reach this goal, our kitchen aims to incorporate local Ontario produce whenever possible. This not only ensures your meals are guaranteed fresh but they are helping to support the local community this way as well. We have our own herb garden that has been recently expanded so that our kitchen team can offer more variety and fresh herbs into our already amazing menu.

You will enjoy our meals twice a day as part of our dining program with our 5-course evening meal and our continental breakfast. The 5 course evening meal gives you the choice of 2 delicious entrees. If you prefer not to cook for yourself at all during the day, we have a lunch program available as well as afternoon refreshments are served daily.

In order to complete the overall dining experience, all meals are served in our inviting and stylish dining room. We have a warm team of attentive and professional staff who offer a level of service that can be easily mistaken for an upscale restaurant.

We have tastefully decorated our elegant dining room. Our chefís exceptional menu, combined with our attentive staff allows you the opportunity to enjoy the great company of friends each night during supper. This is just one of many of the rewarding aspects of the balanced lifestyle provided here at Oakville Retirement Homes.

Book your tour at Oakville Retirement Homes simply by contacting us today. This will provide you with a great opportunity to speak directly to our chef about our menu and experience for yourself how our dining program can change your life and improve your health and well-being.

Housekeeping Services

The housekeeping team at Oakville Retirement Homes strives to help you make the most of your retirement by enabling you to spend your time enjoying your home and relaxing as opposed to taking care of it. Our weekly housekeeping schedule consists of laundering bath and bed linens and light housekeeping duties.

If your desire a little extra help around your home, you are invited to request unscheduled or extra cleaning services as needed by utilizing our Enhanced Living ŗ la carte menu.

As far as your personal laundry is concerned, there are complimentary laundry facilities which are included on every floor. If you prefer laundry assistance, our Enhanced Living options can help you with these laundry services. As well, Oakville Retirement Homes can also arrange for a dry cleaning pick up service through a local company for all of your dry clean only garments.

Oakville Retirement Homes meticulously takes care of the details of daily living so that you donít have to. Our housekeeping team enables you to spend more time enjoying the numerous amenities of your home while being in the company of great friends. We strive to make sure your retirement is exactly how you envision it.

Enhanced Living

A huge part of our Live Balanced, Live Better Philosophy is showcased with our Enhanced Living Program. This program is specifically dedicated to promoting your physical and mental well-being, as well as taking the stress out of your health maintenance.

Here at Oakville Retirement Homes, we understand that the best way to accomplish this is by offering a mix of optional care packages and included services mixes in order to be able to easily cater our programs to your individual concerns and specific needs.

Our thorough process not only ensures that responsiveness and flexibility are directly built into the program, but it additionally creates a strong sense of trust between yourself, your loved ones and our staff. We strive to maintain our commitment to build a strong and positive relationship with every resident.

Medical services included in the monthly fee:

We offer specific medical services that are included in the monthly fee. These medical services include: coordinating the visitation of specialists, resident status checks, assistance in coordinating additional placement and medical services, quarterly plan assessments, and emergency response pendants.

As well as catering to every residentís individual need, in addition to the included services we want to make sure we can adapt with you as your health requirements change. We are happy to offer you 4 different levels of care packages.

There is also the option of requesting additional services if you should require them. For example, if the opportunity arises for you to see our house physician who regularly visits our facility bi-weekly, that can be easily arranged. Our physician has a close working relationship with the management as well as the healthcare staff.

Services available through Enhanced Living packages or ŗ la carte:

We offer a variety of services either ŗ la carte or through our Enhanced Living packages. These services include: personal laundry, external services, medication management and administration assistance, personal care including assistance with dressing, bathing, and nail care, escort services to meals, hair washing, and oral care. As well, we offer lunch programs for those who prefer not to partake in much meal preparation.