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Care Homes Oakville - A private and small facility that typically accommodates as much as 10 individuals is referred to as a care home. People stay in private rooms with either shared or private bathrooms. There are living, dining, and recreation areas that are common for all residents to use. Residents can live mostly by themselves, but are provided with many services like for instance cleaning, medication management, getting dressed, bathing, laundry and meal services. These homes are sometimes called adult care homes, personal care homes, board and care homes or residential care homes. These types of facilities have somewhat the same concept as assisted living facilities, but on a much smaller scale. Nearly all other long term care homes and assisted living facilities are much larger facilities that accommodate large numbers of residents. Often there are more medical assistance available which are available to residents on-site.

The major benefit of a care home is that these facilities are suitable for people who do not require access to medical attention regularly and who do not need medical supervision. Both the cost of living as well as the burden and stress of maintaining a home is also eliminated or lessened, as the residence and grounds should be taken care of by the owner of the home and maintenance costs are shared among all of the residents. Residents are able to live mostly on their own and could benefit from and develop friendships with the other residents in the facility. Residents have the opportunity not to feel lonely or depressed that normally occurs during aging and the loss of one's social connections. Accommodations are usually inviting and comfortable. Residents also have the advantage of professional care as well as the feeling of increased security compared to being alone in an apartment or a house.

People who are experiencing a decrease in physical or mental abilities but don't require extensive medical supervision or care are the typical residents of care homes. Care home residents could live mostly by themselves but may benefit from or require some assistance with basic daily tasks like doing laundry, preparing meals, performing basic hygienic tasks and getting dressed. In a care home, you wouldn't find individuals who have debilitating conditions or illnesses that require care from medical professionals. In several homes couples can room together and pets may even be allowed.

To be able to acquire and maintain their license to operate, the majority of care homes must be subject to inspections regularly and are regulated by each province. Employee background and certification, cleanliness, resident health, meal plan nutrition and facility maintenance are all items which are under strict regulation to ensure the health and safety of all of the residents of the home.

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