Oakville Retirement Homes

The Oakville Retirement Homes is guided by the philosophy that a balanced lifestyle is a better lifestyle. Our facility is designed to help Oakville seniors live more fulfilled lives. We are dedicated to offering our residents a wide variety of services and programs that promote a balanced retirement lifestyle.

Each aspect of our residence is specifically designed around promoting certain things that we strongly feel are the keys to balance. In order to achieve this goal, we foster a strong sense of independence combined a warm sense of community. We focus on mental and physical health and well-being for each of our residents.

Our one-on-one approach ensures that our residents flourish under our guiding philosophy of Live Balanced, Live Better. Our approach makes us unique and strong in all of the aspects that are vital to todayís seniors.

Please take some time to further explore our website and learn more about our excellent facility. You will see firsthand how our dedicated staff is committed to providing our residents with a balanced retirement lifestyle that can positively impact your life. We take our residentís health, happiness and well-being into consideration with everything we do.

Recreation Homestyle Enhanced Living

Retirement Homes - Assisted living facilities offer a huge range of amenities to make the best use of a retiree's time. In numerous situations, residents and employees of the facility are responsible for arranging and implementing any type of activity which they want to offer to residents. It can be possible for residents to suggest the addition of new activities that they think they and other members will truly enjoy. It is also common for assisted living communities to employ volunteers and professionals to provide additional services such as recreation, fitness, massage and salon opportunities. Most facilities also arrange off-site trips and group activities like for instance cultural events, overnight excursions and shopping trips.


Oakville Assisted Living

Assisted Living - Various kinds of medical services and employees are usually provided in convalescent homes. Because of the level of assistance that is usually needed, these kinds of facilities may be more pricey compared to standard assisted living facilities. Patients might be able to have some of their expenses covered, depending on their medical insurance plan and possibly even government subsidies. It is important to do some research to find out if any of the costs can be covered. Meals and other amenities to help patients in their every day lives during recovery are provided. Social gatherings and activities are usually organized by employees and friends and family members are encouraged to visit patients frequently, to make the recovery process and environment as nice as possible. It is also not uncommon for religious organizations and local charities to visit convalescent homes to provide entertainment and help.



The main promoter of Oakville City's arts and culture scene is the Oakville Arts Council. This not-for-profit Council is a charitable umbrella organization which represents the numerous creative and artistic members of the arts community of Oakville. It also publishes Arts About Town, the only magazine which is only committed to local artists and arts matters. The city of Oakville is home to lots of studios, exhibits and art galleries. The Gallery at Sheridan Institute is popular as a creative centre within Oakville City. Anyone is invited to walk from gallery to gallery within downtown Oakville or drive the streets to visit artisans' studios. There are also wood, pottery, sculpture, glass, prints and paintings available for visitors...

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    I plan to retire when I am no longer in healthy condition to function or serve society. As your retirement date approaches, it is natural to find yourself looking back at all that’s...

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    Retirement is one of the big milestones in a person’s life; large monetary savings must be accounted for, pensions need to be established, as well as many other requirements that must be...

  • Underestimate the amount that they need to save

    One common mistake that people make in regards to their retirement is to underestimate the amount that they need to save. It is estimated that an individual will need 80% of their income per...